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Application Range of Rubber-coated Magnets with External Threads

Application Range of Rubber-coated Magnets with External Threads

Ⅰ. Rubber-coated magnet with external thread

These rubber magnets are equipped with external threads and are part of our rubber-coated magnet product line. Due to the protective properties of rubber, the magnet is specially produced for use on varnished or spray-painted surfaces. It is a high-quality product with strong clamping force.

1. The neodymium magnet placed in the rubber can provide a strong holding force (maximum 550N);

2. Solid products;

3. Galvanized rubber for indoor and outdoor use;

4. Rubber and thread can provide the best fixing effect.

Ⅱ. Application fields of rubber-coated magnets

Rubber-coated magnets with threaded necks are usually used in the industrial field, especially in the offshore wind power field and the oil/gas industry. Magnets coated with rubber are also suitable for vehicles, outdoor displays, etc.

Due to the use of special rubber, these rubber-coated magnets have a very unique quality that is not easily available in other products. Rubber provides protection for magnets placed inside and on the mounting surface. This ensures zero marks and scratches even on fragile surfaces.

The threaded neck makes the installation of the rubberized magnet very easy and ensures many application possibilities. The clamping force of the rubber-coated magnet can reach the standard 550N. However, the exact strength depends on the size. Because the neodymium magnet placed inside the rubber is strong, it can obtain a high retention force.

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