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Application of Rubber Coated Magnets in Various Fields

Application of Rubber Coated Magnets in Various Fields

The old static installation method of drilling and welding finally has an alternative. Rubber coated magnets are the perfect products that appear in a constantly changing environment. Rubber coated magnets are made of neodymium magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnet currently.

1. The main characteristics of rubber coated magnets

Rubber coated magnets have high magnetic strength and weather resistance so that they are very suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that require high magnetic strength. They are often used for installation and fixing purposes from installing lamps or fixtures to equipment maintenance, fixing tools, and organizing items in warehouses, workstations and outdoor areas. It has the following characteristics:

(1) It has a strong tensile force. It is waterproof and durable with high traction force. It has corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance. Magnet is not easy to chip.

(2) It is made of N35 neodymium magnets, and wrapped in a steel structure. And it is coated with a protective rubber coating.

(3) The internal thread is suitable for standard fasteners and accessories.

(4) The NdFeB magnet is magnetized axially (by thickness).

2. Application of rubber coated magnets in various fields

(1) Wind energy

With wind energy gradually becoming a major energy source, manufacturers and asset owners need to find solutions to quickly improve their operations. Rubber coated magnets from Weizhong Magnetics reduce the need for extra labor and dangerous welding situations.

(2) The marine sector

We recognize that the regulatory, digital, and maintenance pressures of the modern marine industry require new solutions for maximum efficiency and durability. Therefore, we provide rubber coated magnets with strong adaptability and rapid deployment to serve the demanding infrastructure and harsh working conditions of the marine industry.

(3) Oil and natural gas field

The volatility of the oil and gas industry is a fundamental challenge that requires new capabilities to mitigate risks and design cost-effective methods to get additional profits. Rubber coated magnets from us are resistant to corrosion and non-destructive to existing infrastructure. So, they can be easily installed into existing systems and can be started within minutes.

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