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Application of Rubber Coated Magnets --- Color Also Plays a Role

Application of Rubber Coated Magnets --- Color Also Plays a Role

Most of our rubber coated magnets are black in color --- to be more specific, the color of the rubber coating is black. It does not necessarily have to be black all the time. We have other colors available such as blue, red, yellow and orange. These colors are not just random choices according to someone's preference but perform certain function as part of the product. For example, white is chosen because it is easy to get along with other colors for decorative purpose, red or orange can easily stand out of other colors and is chosen to draw people's attention etc

These colorful coatings are Rohs & Reach compliant and they are as good as the black one in UV resistance, anti-aging properties etc. We are able to make other colors for the rubber coating of rubberised neodymium magnets upon the requirement of actual application.


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