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Application of Rubber Coated Magnet with Cylinder Bore

Application of Rubber Coated Magnet with Cylinder Bore

Ⅰ. What are the main uses of rubber coated magnets?

These high-quality rubber-coated magnets are mainly used for the surface of the glazing device or applications that require anti-glare effects.

1. The neodymium magnet placed in the rubber can ensure a strong clamping force-up to 550N;

2. High-quality rubber can ensure zero sliding effect even on smooth surfaces;

3. Rubber and cylinder bore provide the best fixing possibility;

4. Galvanized rubber coated magnets can be used indoors and outdoors

5. White rubber can be produced;

6. The highest temperature: 80°C.

Ⅱ. Application fields of rubber coated magnets

Rubberised magnets with cylinder bores are high-quality magnets used in industrial fields (such as offshore). They are ideal for use on fragile surfaces, such as vehicles, because they do not leave any marks or scratches when in use.

When producing this type of neodymium rubber magnets, only high-quality materials are used, including original magnets and soft rubber. This ensures a robust product with reliable magnetism. White rubber is also possible.

The magnetic strength of rubber-coated magnets depends on the actual size. 

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