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Application of Plastic Rubber-Coated Magnets

Application of Plastic Rubber-Coated Magnets

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Strong plastic-coated pot magnets, waterproof magnets, rust-proof magnets, circular and rectangular plastic-covered magnets, colorful bulletin board markers, made of ABS plastic or PVC, are very suitable for use as storage cabinet and refrigerator magnets, suitable for home, kitchen, and office use.

Use of rubber-coated magnets

Rubber-coated magnets are powerful pot magnets encapsulated in durable rubber shells. These magnets can be safely used in harsh environments, especially in underwater applications, as the magnet's nickel plating is completely covered by plastic. The magnets are very durable and will not crack or break with use.

In addition, small and various rubber-coated magnets are very suitable for organizing office, magnetic whiteboards, and crafts. They come in a variety of colors that are great for color coding a calendar or organizing documents on a magnetic whiteboard.

The thickness of the plastic coating itself is about 0.5-1mm, and depending on the final size, the magnet size should be charged less by 1-2mm. However, this will weaken the magnetism and if you choose plastic coating, you may need to choose a magnet stronger than your original design. Additionally, plastic coatings require mold costs, but the same mold can produce different colors.

Characteristics of rubber-coated magnets applications

These are powerful pot magnets embedded in rubber shells. They work well with magnetic whiteboards.

  • The easy-to-grip shape makes the magnets easy to pull down and handle.

  • The stylish appearance blends in with the modern decoration of white glass boards.

  • Used for color coding systems and location markers.

These magnets are suitable for glass boards │ whiteboards │ refrigerators | aquarium glass/acrylic, and adhere well to magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators, and steel surfaces. This sample includes one each of a glass board and whiteboard magnet. We welcome you to design your own custom plastic magnet for your application.

Plastic-coated magnets are suitable for aquariums and are a high-end choice for coral fragment racks. This series of plastic-covered magnets are known as bulletin board magnets, marker magnets, office magnets, refrigerator magnets, planning magnets, and display magnets. Various colors and shapes (magnets with colored plastic covers, shapes including discs and blocks) are available for purchase.

Plastic-covered magnets are used for office whiteboards, planning charts, bulletin boards, and refrigerators and can hold up to 5-20 A4 sheets of paper on magnetic bulletin board markers with a variety of colored options.

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