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Application Characteristics of Magnetic Hook

Application Characteristics of Magnetic Hook

The magnetic hook is a good organization tool that can use the hidden space of the home or office to store. NdFeB magnetic hook, electroplated NiCuNi, are stamped from iron shell. And magnetic hooks can be used in doors, cabinets and door stops, ceiling fixing, signs and banners, tight fittings, fixtures, lighting, exhibition fixtures, industrial fixtures, etc.

In our living places, there are many places where magnetic hooks are used.

Now, we use hook type magnets as a cheap and effective way to store items in the space at home which can not be fully utilized before the magnetic hooks are used.

Some ordinary hooks have many problems. For example, the wall is a good place to hang keys or place small tools for use at any time, but ordinary hooks are often easy to fall off when hanging on the wall. The magnetic hook can be fixed on a wall, ceiling or other steel surface, and it can hold objects stably without the risk of falling off.

You can also put magnetic hooks on a window and tie vine-like indoor plants next to the window, which can create beautiful designs and make plants get more sunlight.

Magnetic hooks have many different advantages. Our company produces various types of magnetic hooks, and the tension and size of the magnetic hooks can be customized. As the size of the magnet increases, the NdFeB magnetic hook has a strong holding force, up to 3kg~105 kg, which provides options to meet various needs. There are also some NdFeB magnetic hooks with white powder coating, which makes them more decorative. White powder coating is different from ordinary coatings and has better anti-corrosion performance on metal parts.

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