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Analysis of Magnetic System of the Rubber Coated Magnet

Analysis of Magnetic System of the Rubber Coated Magnet

1. Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) rubber coated magnets

When used on delicate and smooth surfaces (such as glass and plastic) or surfaces of highly finished vehicles, the rubber coating of the pot magnet is considered the most suitable product. Rubber coated magnets can also be used to prevent corrosion in the ocean, aquatic or external environment, and areas where metal impacts will pose a risk to the magnet.

In the mechanical environment related to motors and machinery, metal impact may occur. Usually, a rubber coated pot magnet is placed to create a fixed point or hanging point. Since the friction between the rubber and the steel surface where the magnet is bonded is greater, the rubber coating provides excellent anti-slip resistance. Manufacturers and industrial designers use rubber coated pot magnets for fixing.

The multi-pole design of these rubber coated NdFeB round magnets ensures a dense shallow magnetic field on the clamping surface. It can be well fixed to the metal on the thin painted car body.

Due to the attractive force of the rubber surface, the lateral displacement (shear force) is very good. The recommended maximum operating temperature is 60 degrees Celsius. These rubber coated NdFeB pot magnets are especially suitable for magnetically fixing objects such as advertising displays or safety indicators to the roof of the car (metal products must contain mild steel, and it will not work on aluminum or carbon fiber surfaces).

Rubber coated NdFeB round magnets are also suitable for fixing signs, nameplates, temporary lighting and sample parts on surfaces of highly polished chrome-plated or painted mild steel (iron) to make them scratch-free.

The coating of rubber coated magnets can also provide good corrosion protection under humid conditions. Due to their high performance, non-slip performance and paintwork protection, these rubber coated NdFeB pot magnets are sometimes called fine magnets.

2. Magnetic system of rubber coated magnet

The rubber-coated magnetic system with NdFeB iron boron magnets is suitable for  applications with demanding requirements. The rubber coated adhesive surface protects the metal from scratches. The magnetic poles of the NdFeB magnet are arranged alternately, thereby increasing the adhesion. They can be used for different fittings (studs, threaded sleeves, internal threads, holes or recesses).

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