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Advantages of Rubber-coated Magnets with Internal Threads

Advantages of Rubber-coated Magnets with Internal Threads

Ⅰ. The advantages of rubber coated magnets

These neodymium-coated rubber-coated magnets have the advantage of internal threads. The sturdy rubber magnet is perfect for maintaining function on painted surfaces.

1. The neodymium magnet is molded into rubber;

2. High-quality rubber protects the magnet and the installation surface;

3. Rubber and internal thread provide the best fixation;

4. Indoor and outdoor galvanized rubber magnets;

5. High-quality coating ensures zero sliding effect even on smooth surfaces.

Ⅱ. Rubber-coated magnets with internal threads

The rubber-coated magnets with internal threads are only made of high-quality materials to ensure long-term durability and correct magnetic strength. In order to develop high-quality rubber magnets, the correct manufacturing processes and materials need to be used in the industrial field.

Therefore, these rubber-coated magnets are very special products. Our rubber-covered magnets ensure the strength and durability of the magnet.

This rubber-coated pot magnet produced with solid thread M4 / M5 / M6 is very easy to install. Rubber-coated magnets are very suitable for varnished surfaces, because the flexibility of rubber prevents scratches and scratches. Rubber-coated magnets are also very suitable for installation on smooth surfaces due to the anti-sticking effect of rubber.

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