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Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets

Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnets

1. Brief introduction of the rubber coated magnets

The rubber coated magnet, also known as the waterproof magnet, is one of the most commonly used tool magnets. The rubber coated magnet is made of magnet with iron shells and rubber coatings.

2. The advantages of the rubber coated magnets

(1) The rubber coated magnet can be made by applying different types of magnets at different temperatures and tensile forces.
(2) Special design of the magnetic circuit will ensure a higher tensile force of the rubber coated magnets.
(3) Rubber coating not only protects magnets from corrosion, but also keeps its working face from damage.
(4) The rubber coating exerts an extremely fine shear force on the the rubber coated magnets.
(5) The rubber coated magnets can hold a range of standard fasteners and accessories.

As a professional magnet manufacturing company, Weizhong Magnetics Co.,Ltd is equipped with specially designed semi-automatic and full-automatic production lines. The material we use to produce the rubber coated magnets is TPV. Due to its stable chemical properties, its durability is better than that of normal rubber. There is no need to worry about it becoming hard or peeling off for a long time. More than 90% of our products are sold to European countries and the United States. The diversity of our magnetic component products makes us qualified to be your one-stop partner in this field. Welcome to negotiate with us at any time!

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