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Advantages of Magnetic Assemblies

Advantages of Magnetic Assemblies

In general, magnetic assemblies refer specifically to conventional fixed application. And the assemblies have the following advantages:


A. Enhanced mechanical strength. Inherent brittleness is a serious problem in the application of Nd, Sa Cobalt and ferrite magnets, like the ferrite pot magnet. Repeated mechanical shocks between the polar surface and the workpieces may reduce the volume of the magnet, and the magnetic field strength or magnetic attraction will reduce to a certain extent.Permanent magnets and other nonmagnetic parts (such as ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal or plastic) assembled together will form a barrier to avoid damage during use.


B. Enhanced magnetic field intensity. The magnetic assembly is mainly to increase magnetic strength in addition to increase the mechanical strength. In other words, under the same magnetic field strength requirements, magnetic assemblies have more obvious advantages compared with pure magnets. Magnetic assemblies are usually more attractive because of the application of a flux conducting unit, which is an integral part of the entire magnetic circuit. By using the magnetic induction of the flux conducting unit, the magnetic field in a specific area can be improved and concentrated. In addition, the gap between the air gap minimal component and the workpiece greatly affects the magnetic field.


C. Nonmagnetic parts usually have different mechanical devices for different clamping applications.


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