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A Basic Introduction to Rubber Coated Magnets

A Basic Introduction to Rubber Coated Magnets

1. The manufacturing process of rubber-coated magnets

We use two different processes, injection moulding or vulcanization, to produce rubber coatings. For rubber-coated magnets, this is the most important step in the entire manufacturing process.

2. Different types of rubber-coated magnets

Rubber coated magnets mainly include:

  • Threaded rod type rubber coated magnet

  • Square rubber-coated magnet

  • Internal thread type rubber coated magnet

  • Counterbore type rubber coated magnet

3. The advantages of rubber coated magnets

  • The special design of the magnetic circuit will ensure that the rubber-coated magnet still has a high tensile force.

  • The rubber coating not only protects the rubber-coated magnet from corrosion but also keeps the working surface from damage.

  • The rubber coating and the adsorbed surface will produce a strong shear force.

  • Rubber-coated neodymium magnets can be used with various fasteners and accessories.

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