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Magnetic Ceiling Hooks

Magnetic Ceiling Hooks

1. What are magnetic ceiling hooks?

Magnetic ceiling hooks are made of strong neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet and carbon steel, plastic, rubber etc. With hooks and powerful magnetic holding force, magnetic ceiling hooks are perfect solution for hanging POS, signs and other items to ceiling or roof trusses together with other accessories like adjustable height hook cables. Magnetic ceiling hooks remain popular in retail, display, commercial and industrial applications.

2. How many kinds of magnetic ceiling hooks?

According to different applications, we have developed various kinds of magnetic ceiling hooks, Fastening magnets can be divided into many categories from materials, shapes, and colors.

Material:  Neodymium, Hard Ferrite Core Magnet

Shape:  Round, Rectangular, Oval

Hook Type:  Open Hook, Eyelet, Swivel Hook

Color:  White, Black, Green, Yellow,  Red, Blue, Steel



3. How much weight can magnets with hooks hold?

The vertical and shear force of neodymium hook magnets determines the subject weight that should hold. For example, there are available diameters in Ø10mm, Ø13mm, Ø16mm, Ø20mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm, Ø50mm, Ø63mm with open hooks in ferrite core or neodymium core. Among which TFE16K-W ferrite hook magnet white painted Ø16mm is the weakest with 1kg pull force, while M-TNE63K neodymium hook magnet nickel Ø63mm is the strongest with 105 kg, refer to below image. So you can choose different hook magnets with pull force 1kg to 105kg based on your application. Larger sizes are mounted with heavy duty eyelet.


4. How do you hang something from the ceiling via magnet?

Magnetic ceiling hooks are good solution for shop and display system where the ceiling has steel panel or grids which can be attached conveniently to magnets. There are many tips for you.

1) First check with a small magnet like fridge magnet to see if the metal surface is steel or other material. Only ferromagnetic materials typically steel that magnet hooks can attach successfully.


2) Then measure the attaching steel surface area size to know what size of magnet you can use.



3) Further evaluate the subject total weight that you want to hang, which is very important for selecting a suitable magnet.


4) For safety support in various situations, you should choose a magnetic ceiling hooks with a bit higher force than the subject weight.



If you don’t know how to seletct, please feel free to contact us, our professional engineer team will provide suitable solution for your specific requirement.

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