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Introduction of pot magnet with eyelet

Introduction of pot magnet with eyelet

Introduction of pot magnet with eyelet


The NdFeB flat pot magnet with eyelet is made of strong NdFeB magnet and steel eyelet, which is an extend of NdFeb fat pot magnet with internal threaded bush. Via the eyelet hook, it can fasten a pulling rope through and fixing something.


These flat pot magnets with eyelets develop their full adhesive power on the underside of thick steel beams, where they are loaded vertically downwards. Thanks to the powerful Neodymium magnet core, its vertical holding force is much stronger than that of ferrite flat pot magnet at the same dimensions. Having it attached to steel surfaces, it could hold objects steadily.


Current there are available diameters: Ø16mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm, below is the vertical holding force of each diameter. From the comparison, you will find how stronger of this NdFeB flat pot magnet than that of Ferrite flat pot magnet .

TypeNdFeB Flat Pot MagnetFerrite Flat Pot Magnet
Vertical force78N176N294N539N18N40N80N125N


Anti-corrison: The steel cup and thread bush is integrate made by lathe machining, so that the riveting place won’t loose, not easy to rust, further protect core magnet from corrosion.

Stronger holding force: As we use the strong Neodymium magnet inside, one of the rare-earth magnet, plus our professional magnetic circuit design, it can produce triple to quadruple even many times of the force than that of Ferrite magnet core.


There are two pack aging styles for this neodymium magnet with eyelet according to the outer 24 diameter.

Diameter<32mm: normally we screw in the eye hook first, then suck them in pairs, last line them up on a carton plate same as below the picture.


Diameter ≥ 32mm: We don't screw the eyelet hook, but put them together each in one small carton, and then line them up inside one outer big carton. Please see below the picture.


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