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7 Types Applications of Rubber Coated Magnets

7 Types Applications of Rubber Coated Magnets

7 Types Applications of Rubber Coated Magnets

Rubber coated magnets are also known as waterproof magnets, Which made of strong neodymium magnets, durable steel parts and covered with waterproof TPV rubber.  Rubber coated magnets provide superior holding force by increasing surface friction without any scratching, Which bring a lot of sufficient solutions in different situations.

Due to different features of rubber coated magnets, Nowadays Rubberized magnets are been widely used in different filed, Following are 7 Types Applications of Rubber Coated Magnets.

1. Cable management

When you are annoying with the chaotic wires, cables and you have to manage them with different hooks to be threaded or welded on the walls. Rubber coated magnets with cable tie mount will bring you the most efficient way to manage them. Just put the magnet where you want, and then make the wires through the clamp and the job is done.


2. Mounting with working lights

Rubber coated magnets also can be mounted with different working lights in somewhere you want with their excellent holding force, use them in where you are not permitted to welding or drilling.


3. Rubber coated magnets mounting with beacons

Our high-performance neodymium magnets boast a very high retention force , when it used in the installation of beacon on the car roof, which can be used up to a top speed of 200 km/h .


4. Rubber coated magnets mounting with Fixing Cameras and other accessories

Rubber Coated Magnets has diversified use scenarios, which can be used in mounting with Fixing Cameras and other accessories, add more convenience to life.


5. Mounting ladders with rubber coated magnets

Rubber coated magnets have good performance on the shear force, so when you want to mount a ladder vertically, the shear force is the key factor for ensuring the safety.


6. Hanging instruments or other devices

These magnets can be used anywhere you want, for industrial use or household. Just to be sure that the attaching surface should be magnetic conductively.


7. Mounting tools for vehicles

Magnets covered with rubber, for which the Contact surface for magnet adsorption is well protected from scratches, No need Welding and Drilling, You can easily mount or remove it quickly witout damaging the construction.  


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