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10 features of rubber coated magnets

10 features of rubber coated magnets

Brief info of Rubber Coated Magnets

Rubber coated magnets are used in different working conditions and environments, Generally widely used for mounting or holding purposes, used for mounting lights, cameras, or fixtures to equipment repair, holding tools and organizing items in car surface, warehouses, workstations and outdoor areas etc. 


The surface of the rubber coated magnet is covered with synthetic rubber material, which not only has waterproof function, but also has very good damage resistance, unlike ordinary magnets that are easily broken. The overmolded magnet chuck is extremely durable, while the overmolded material enhances horizontal friction and prevents it from sliding on the mounting surface.

For applications that require long-term exposure to outdoor sunlight, corrosive gases and liquids, oil pollution, etc., you can find a suitable choice in our encapsulated magnet. According to the 12-year long-term measurement research, the service life of the NdFeB strong magnet can completely exceed 30 years, and its magnetic loss is very small even after 50 years. For exposed threaded holes, bolts, etc., as well as metal parts in the coating layer, special anti-corrosion treatment can be used, or stainless steel can be used to ensure its service life. Thereby ensuring the long service life of the entire product and meeting the product durability requirements in harsh environments.


10 Features of rubber coated magnets

1. Good processability

We use TPV rubber to cover the Ndfeb magnets, Comparing with EPDM, NBR,  TPV combines the features of vulcanized rubber with the processing properties of thermoplastics.  The rubber has good processability, for which can be made in different sizes and shapes. Our rubberized magnet can be made in round shapes, oval shapes, rectangle shapes etc.


2. TPV Rubber coating for scratch-free performance

These rubber coated magnets are especially suitable for magnetically fixing objects such as work and advertising displays, attachments to cars  body or other painted surfaces.  For which thanks to TPV Rubber coating scratch-free performance. Strong pulling force with surface protection against scratching or marking.

3. Excellent performance on severe conditions, no matter hot or cold, acidic or basic.

It has almost perfect performance and characters of Strong pulling force, waterproof, durable, high traction, corrosion resistant, temperature resistant, magnets do not easily chip etc.

4. Long term aging durability

Long-term aging durability combined with dimensional stability and physical properties over the life of the part, also features good corrosion resistance and has good performance of rust protection.

5. Waterproof & Corrosion resistance

Because the magnet inside the adhesive magnet sucker is completely protected by the rubber outside, isolated from the air and water, so even if long-term use, the magnet will not corrosion, so that the magnetic adsorption function can be maintained for a long time.

6. Good UV resistance and Oil resistance

The rubber material coated on the surface of the rubber-coated magnet has good physical and chemical properties. We have different grades to choose from, some have very good UV resistance, some have very good oil resistance, some It has outstanding environmental resistance, etc., and by adding different trace components, it can also make the rubber achieve other different characteristics. 

7. The rubber can be used in a wide temperature range from -40  to 80 ℃

Because the magnet inside the adhesive magnet is completely protected by the rubber outside, the magnetic adsorption function can be maintained for a long time. The highest working temperature of the adhesive magnet can reach 80 degrees Celsius, and the lowest working temperature can reach -40 degrees Celsius, which can meet most of the use scenarios. extremely hot or cold will not affect their properties.


8. Environmental Friendly, the rubber material is recyclable 

TPV rubber provides excellent performance for demanding consumer products applications and has become the global standard for engineering thermoplastic vulcanized elastomers.  Rubber coating Materials are recyclable and environmental Friendly.

9. High tenacity & Deformation resistance

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and all our material quality control and production processes strictly in accordance with ISO requests. We are not only test magnetic force but also rubber tenacity. For which rubber material has High tenacity & Deformation resistance.


10. Variety of color options

Our rubber covered magnets now are available in black, white, red , bule and yellow colors. We can also customize different colors according to customer needs,Welcome to contact us.


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